1. Commercial Construction Planning, Management & Electrical benchmark electrical solutions fort collins

    Solving Your Commercial Construction Planning, Management & Electrical Needs

    If you are in business for any length of time, chances are, you will outgrow your current space. Besides deciding on a location, the next big decision will be the design and building process. So where do you turn? Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers commercial construction planning, management, an…Read More

  2. Industrial construction planning and management benchmark electrical solutions northern colorado

    Benefits of Industrial Construction Planning & Management

    Industrial construction planning and management is a long term project that, in essence, is a huge undertaking. Residential construction, in comparison, is quite the opposite, taking only a matter of months. You are usually dealing with a new roof or a new home altogether. While this construction ma…Read More

  3. oil and gas project management northern colorado benchmark electrical solutions

    Why Your Oil & Gas Company Needs Electrical Solutions

    We use oil and gas every day of our lives to do almost everything outside of breathing. We use gas to power our cars and heat our homes. We use electricity every minute of every day (from your appliances to your electronic devices that never turn off). When you consume food in plastic containers or …Read More

  4. Image of construction workers standing on top of a building and looking at work they've completed.

    Why Start a Career With Benchmark?

      You’ve made a name for yourself in your field, and you’re ready for the next step. But what’s the next step look like? We’d like to think your next step involves working for a company that values your well-being, safety, and quality of life in a difficult career field. We’d like to thin…Read More

  5. Getting To Know Benchmark Electrical Solutions

    Welcome to the blog for Benchmark Electrical Solutions. We pride ourselves in being a company that provides expert electrical services, contracting, and construction planning and management to a variety of states and regions. Part of providing our expert service comes through keeping our clients kno…Read More