The Key Benefits of Planning Ahead

If you look at the most successful business people, you’ll see a common strain — they all planned ahead. Let’s take the analogy of climbing Mount Everest. First, you decide to climb it. Then, you make a plan. You have to condition your body to handle that type of environment on your body, such as not only being able to physically climb a 29,000 foot mountain, but also being able to breathe while doing so. Then you have to plan your trip, buy your gear, talk to experts (preferably those who have summited the mountain), and then fly there. That’s not all. Once there, you go through a series of stages, still acclimating your body to the altitude and climate. You’ll need gear and supplies for all of that as well. Then you have to prepare mentally for the challenge (which, frankly, is probably the hardest part). Then, you can begin to climb.

As you can see, there is a lot of preparation that goes into climbing Mount Everest that you don’t see on TV. Similarly, Apple just didn’t one day invent the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. All of these were methodically planned out.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions serves Northern Colorado and all of the United States with the best construction planning and management, as well as electrical contracting services. We understand the value of planning a construction project, since a building just doesn’t plan itself. Below, we’ll go over a few of the key benefits of planning ahead. Contact us today to get started!


Saves You Money

Many construction, commercial, and industrial projects run over budget, leaving crucial items unfinished. For example, when building a road, you have to leave money to paint lines on the road or you are creating a safety hazard. Allocation is key for industrial and commercial project management, and if you don’t plan ahead, you are spending money you don’t necessarily have on things that you could live without. For most companies who enlist a project manager’s help, this is their number one concern. From labor costs to construction materials, everything needs to be accounted for in construction, industrial, and commercial project management.

Saves You Time (Which Also Saves You Money)

Many people see planning as a waste of time. They prefer to burrow headlong into a project without taking the time to lift their head and see the sunlight ahead. While this does get the ball rolling, quickly you will realize how much time it is taking you to backstep, rather than move forward. Production or construction can potentially stop as well if you’ve forgotten a crucial component of the job and now have to wait on that component to be finished before you can move on. Benchmark Electrical Solutions sees this a lot when construction materials are not ordered, but are needed for the job to proceed. This will cost you greatly in time and money. For example, you may not be paying extra for extradited shipping, and you could lose your subcontractors who are now looking for other work, rather than sitting around. Time is money, and making the most of it is crucial to your project management success.

Achieve Greater Things with More Time

Just like time is money, time can also be draining if you let it be. You can waste a lot of energy by not having a solid plan in place in order to complete an industrial, commercial, or electrical project. Spending lots of time on the phone, running around town trying to find items, or even just dealing with headaches and frustrations from not being prepared can zap your motivation. When your industrial, construction, or electrical project is planned out, goes smoothly, and has little hiccups, you’ll finish your projects faster and have more energy. Both of those will allow you to move on to other projects and ideas to improve your overall processes.

Handle Unknowns Better

Some people don’t handle the unexpected very well. For instance, when the wrong product that you need the next day is shipped, you can come completely unglued and lose it. Or, you can put on your problem-solving hat and find a way to procure it. Either way, it’s stressful and not ideal. The goal is to eliminate the unknowns through planning. While you can’t 100% plan the future (for example, there’s not much you can plan around a key employee quitting), you can minimize the unknowns as much as possible to make your job and life easier.

Overall Better Peace of Mind

In construction, industrial, or electrical project management, you want to do a good job for your client. You want to finish the job ahead of schedule and on budget, you want to exceed expectations, and you want to feel good about what you do every day. When you plan ahead, your project will go much smoother. Thus, you will feel much better about the job you accomplished, you will help your employees accomplish their individual goals, and in the end, you will have completed a project that improves the world. What more could you ask for?

Have a Better Product or Result Than If You Didn’t Plan Ahead

It’s easy to get in a rush to finish a project when you are approaching the deadline and/or budget. You will make better, more well-informed decisions when you give your brain the time it needs to think. You’ll also be able to come up with more creative solutions as well. There truly are no shortcuts in life to greatness.


Benchmark Electrical Solutions is proud to be your construction planning and management company of choice in Northern Colorado. From electrical contracting to oil and gas construction planning and management, we’ve got all of your needs covered. We spend a lot of time in the planning stage so that your project goes smoothly, efficiently, and is cost-effective. Contact us today for all of your project management needs!

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