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Let's face it, we all need power in order to do our jobs every day. From the second we wake up and flip a light on and all throughout our day and night, we are using electricity somewhere in our home or office on a perpetual basis. The same holds true for government entities and buildings. In fact, their power needs are most often greater because they are running systems that offer us much-needed services, such as water, sewer, stoplights, recreation centers, courthouses, and so many more.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions is an electrical contractor serving homeowners, business owners, and government entities throughout Northern Colorado and beyond. We offer a variety of electrical services and solutions to meet your needs, including help with transmission and distribution, industrial needs, and building needs, such as help with electrical breakers. From electrical project management where we help with design-build to ground grids and terminations, we can help. Contact our government electrical contracting company to get started today!

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  • Government electrical project management

  • Lighting installation and upgrades

  • High-voltage distribution

  • Alarm systems, such as fire and smoke

  • New building electrical system installs

  • Breaker panel upgrades

  • Whole electrical system and building upgrades

  • Emergency electrical services

  • Underground wiring

  • Electrical inspections and maintenance

  • And more!

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Government Electrical Contractor

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Just like any other building, government buildings need electrical services. The mission of Benchmark Electrical Solutions is to help Northern Colorado communities by offering municipalities and government entities our electrical services. The government provides us with many much-needed services, from police and fire to recreational uses, courts, and more. When their electrical systems don't function properly, this can affect everyone in the community, depending on the type of services that are affected.

It's important to have a trusted and reliable government electrical contractor at your side. We offer electrical project management for both new construction projects and remodeling needs. We can help ensure your building is outfitted with all of the electrical systems it needs to offer safety and reliability. From helping to wire security systems and smart technology to electrical distribution and transmission and everything in between, our system can manage it all. Get in touch today. We'd love to help!


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  • Offices

  • Testing Laboratories

  • Water Treatment Facilities

  • Military Installations

  • Airport Facilities

  • Secured Areas

  • Switchgear, Panel boards, Disconnect Switches, Starters etc.

  • Branch Circuit Conduit,

  • Conduit & Wire

  • Feeders

  • Interior/Exterior Lighting & Controls

  • Power & Equipment Connections

  • Raceways & Wiring

  • Hazardous Area & Explosion Proof Material Installation

  • Low-Voltage Systems

  • Communications Systems

  • All aspects of government electrical installation work


Benchmark Electrical Solutions is proud to help those who do so much for our communities. Without these much-needed services, our lives would most definitely not be as rich. We do our best to ensure governments and municipalities, towns and cities, have the electrical power they need in order to continue operating. We prioritize safety on all of our job sites, which helps to keep our employees and those we are working around safe. Our customers always come first.

From the simple things, such as ensuring outlets work to the larger tasks of upgrading the electrical system of entire buildings, we can help. Reach out to our team for a free quote today!


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