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From house wiring and electrical panels to wiring installation, Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers residential electrical work customized to your needs. Whether you are adding an addition to your home, installing surround sound, or need your whole house rewired, we can help. Our licensed electricians have years of experience in helping you have the comforts you need and want. Don't risk an injury to yourself. Call our expert local electricians today!

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  • Computer network cabling
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Fuse replacements
  • Attic fan replacements or installs
  • Electrical panel replacement or installs
  • Bathroom fans
  • Breaker replacements
  • Home and business automation
  • Security lighting
  • And so much more!

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How To Hire Benchmark Electrical Solutions For Your Project


Your home is your heart. After all, everything near and dear to you resides there, from your family and kids to your fur babies and your memories. It keeps you warm at night, protected from the wind, rain, and snow, and it's comfortable, meaning you can be you there, do whatever you want, be as silly as you want, and no one cares. Thus, taking care of your home is important to you since it serves such a valuable function.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers the best residential electrical services in Northern Colorado. We understand how important your home is and how much you need to take care of it. We offer a wide variety of home electrical services, from house rewiring to installing outlets and ceiling fans. Our mission is to ensure your home is safe from any electrical fire as well as you have the electrical power you need to power what you need powered. With so many devices now running on electricity, many older homes need home electrical wiring updates in order to safely keep up with demand. We also offer electrical inspections so you can have peace of mind. Contact our residential electricians today!



  • You have an older home. As mentioned above, older homes often have outdated wiring that just can't handle modern electrical needs, from refrigerators to a dozen different electronic personal devices. Plus, wiring does wear out over time, and sometimes unwanted critters, such as mice, can chew through electrical wiring, which is a fire hazard as well. If your Northern Colorado home was built before 1940, you most definitely need to call us for a residential electrical inspection today.

  • You are renovating. Adding on to your home is often exciting, especially if you need the space. From another bedroom to a new bathroom, making your home suit your needs can be stress relieving as well. If you are adding on to your home or undergoing major renovations, such as finishing your basement, it's best to call for a residential electrical inspection and service. You'll be needing and using more electricity to power your new addition or use your basement, so call Benchmark Electrical Services to ensure your home electrical wiring is good to go, or if you need electrical wiring installed.

  • You want to save money. Odds are, your electric bill is probably one of your bigger payments each month. Some people use electricity for home heating costs, as well as home cooling. This can add up big time, depending on the extremes of the season. Older electrical systems can "leak" electricity, meaning electricity can be lost from the grid to your home along the way. The more efficient and modern your home wiring is, the more electricity will come your way and be better used once it arrives at your home. You'll also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Call us for a residential electrical inspection today!



Since 2008, Benchmark Electrical Solutions has been helping homeowners with their electrical needs. With an emphasis on safety and customer service, our top-rated Northern Colorado electrical company always offers service with a smile. We understand how important electricity is to your home's comfort, as well as your safety. When you give our licensed electricians a call, we will get you scheduled right away, sometimes that same day. We offer smart home automation electrical services to make your life more convenient, electrical panel replacement, wiring, fuse replacements, and so much more. From outdoor lighting to fire and smoke detectors, we can handle any electrical service you may need. We offer the highest quality electrical services with the least amount of impact to our world, while keeping everyone safe.

In addition to our stellar residential electrical services, we also offer industrial and commercial electrical project management services. We can help with your project from start to finish, including with electrical installation, maintenance, repair, and prevention. We also offer electrical transmission and distribution capabilities as well. If you are interested in our home electrical services, or any of our other services, including emergency electrical repair, give our local electricians a call today!


Check out Our Service Page for more of our residential electrical services we offer.