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Two electricians wearing hard hats and pointing at a circuit breaker.

A circuit breaker is a sort of electrical switch that controls the wiring circuits that feed outlets, fixtures, and appliances in your home. They protect circuits from being damaged by electrical overloads or short-circuiting.

It is a usual occurrence for a circuit to trip. A circuit trip is when a fault condition is detected and the breaker shuts itself off to avert the wiring from overheating and potentially igniting itself. Fortunately, it is very easy to reset a tripped breaker. Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers professional residential services within Odessa, Texas, and we’re here to provide some tips on what to do if your circuit breaker trips.

Residential Services


Residential electricians do an important job for homeowners by bringing them electricity in a safe manner that powers their computers, cell phones, refrigerator, dish washer, hair dryer, TV, and so much more that offers them an easy life compared to 100 years ago. Most of us take for granted the fact that all we have to do is flip a switch and the lights come on, or that we’ll have cold water on a hot summer day from the fridge. Residential electricians continue to help us with our electrical needs, from troubleshooting to electrical repair so that we can continue to enjoy electricity.


If you look at the most successful business people, you’ll see a common strain — they all planned ahead. Let’s take the analogy of climbing Mount Everest. First, you decide to climb it. Then, you make a plan. You have to condition your body to handle that type of environment on your body, such as not only being able to physically climb a 29,000 foot mountain, but also being able to breathe while doing so. Then you have to plan your trip, buy your gear, talk to experts (preferably those who have summited the mountain), and then fly there. That’s not all. Once there, you go through a series of stages, still acclimating your body to the altitude and climate. You’ll need gear and supplies for all of that as well. Then you have to prepare mentally for the challenge (which, frankly, is probably the hardest part). Then, you can begin to climb.

As you can see, there is a lot of preparation that goes into climbing Mount Everest that you don’t see on TV. Similarly, Apple just didn’t one day invent the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. All of these were methodically...


Lightning is one of the most beautiful creations of nature to behold. No two lighting bolts are the same, and a lightning storm can light up the sky prettier than you can light up your Christmas tree. The zigs and the zags have no pattern, and the haphazard lines are mesmerizing to watch.


In the 21st century, there are thousands of careers you can choose from, such as being a doctor or lawyer or an engineer or a builder. Choosing to work with a substance that can kill you is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. However, the industrial and commercial electrical contractors at Benchmark Electrical Solutions do that everyday of their lives.


One of the appeals of camping is the fact that you get to escape the screens of this world. You can escape TV, internet, and even your cell phone if you want. You can just spend time communing with nature, enjoying the sounds of the birds and of the streams, fending off camp critters, such as chipmunks and blue jays, and breathing in fresh, mountain air. When you go camping, you are also escaping electricity, which powers so many things in your world that you deem indispensable, such as our electronics, lighting, air conditioning, and so much more. It gives you a tiny glimpse of what life was like before electricity.


If you are in business for any length of time, chances are, you will outgrow your current space. Besides deciding on a location, the next big decision will be the design and building process. So where do you turn?


Industrial construction planning and management is a long term project that, in essence, is a huge undertaking. Residential construction, in comparison, is quite the opposite, taking only a matter of months. You are usually dealing with a new roof or a new home altogether. While this construction management has many moving parts, it’s nothing when compared to industrial design projects, such as power plants, oil and gas rigs, warehouses, factories, and water facilities. These huge projects (some are public works projects) are massive, involving many companies, contractors, subcontractors, and even individuals who are all working together to build something big.


You may, or may not have heard that the U.S.Energy Department just determined that stricter standards on the energy efficiency of light bulbs was unnecessary. This determination was made on the premise that these stricter guidelines on light bulbs are “not economically justified.” That might be because the move away from general service light bulbs would affect nearly 3 million bulbs in U.S. buildings around the country.


Every business is governed by a number of protocols and controls that govern how they have to operate day-to-day. Sometimes it’s labor unions, sometimes it’s HIPAA, but regardless it’s always there.


We use oil and gas every day of our lives to do almost everything outside of breathing. We use gas to power our cars and heat our homes. We use electricity every minute of every day (from your appliances to your electronic devices that never turn off). When you consume food in plastic containers or drink out of plastic water bottles, you are using oil and gas in those products. From crayons, ink, tires, and basketballs to skis, paint, fishing rods, and fertilizer, oil and gas is integral to how we live our lives every day.


Lighting and electricity go hand-in-hand. As in history, electricity begot the light bulb and now, the light bulb will beget fiber optics. If you’re unfamiliar with fiber optics, it’s an intriguing way of lighting your commercial building that uses electricity in a fascinating way.


“The grid,” is a notoriously ill-defined concept. Most people think of the grid as something that you can avoid getting on by avoiding credit cards. Others have an understanding of it in how electricity flows through the grid to power their iPhones, but very few people totally understand what the grid really is. In short, it’s essentially a massive network of different transmission lines, transformers and generation facilities across the entirety of North America. Thus, when we talk about the incredible power of “the grid” and what it looks like to start modernizing such a behemoth of a system, you can get a glimpse of the complexity of that project by thinking, merely, of all the applications energy use has across the United States.


Utilities, in light of the recent surge in attention to green energies and switching types of energy sources, is something of a hot button topic at the moment. The solar industry is growing every year, and wind turbines are being put up with an increasing speed across the country’s wide open spaces. It’s exciting, for certain, but it makes one reflect on the future of utilities and how the U.S. will proceed in regard to where we get our energy from.


As a business owner, you run a tight ship. Everything flows together and works in tandem with each other to help you accomplish your goals while still making a profit. As such, you’re likely always considering how to increase your profit margins. Surprisingly, there’s a few ways to accomplish that goal, which may not be initially apparent.


We here at Benchmark Electrical Solutions are proud to announce that we have received a 2019 Reader’s Choice Award from Windsor Now! This is an exciting award to receive, as the Windsor Reader’s Choice Awards has consistently recognized many of the best businesses in Northern Colorado. The best part? The winners are chosen by YOU! It is a community-won award, and that makes it all the more special.


As an employer, you want to know that everyone in your influence is safe and protected while at work. You do all you can to ensure their health and happiness. Within electrical contracting, we’re no different! We want the same for our employees. The difference, however, is apparent when you look at the high-stakes situations our employees find themselves in daily.


As a business owner, you want your employees to be safe. This promotes your business’s image, ensures your employees are taken care of, and ultimately saves you money. Benchmark Electrical Solutions is no different — except that our employees often work in settings that can pose serious safety threats if they aren’t careful. Our ultimate goal and highest objective is to make sure our employees return home safely to their loved ones every night.


Most people don’t think about the risks of lightning unless they’re camping during a rainstorm. After all, your home will keep you safe, dry, and warm. For electricians, however, lightning protection is of top concern and is addressed in every commercial, industrial, or oil and gas electrical project.


You’ve made a name for yourself in your field, and you’re ready for the next step. But what’s the next step look like? We’d like to think your next step involves working for a company that values your well-being, safety, and quality of life in a difficult career field. We’d like to think your next step is working with us.


You run your business successfully. But electricity for your business? Well, that’s something entirely different. For designing, installing, and maintaining commercial, industrial, oil and gas, or government electrical projects, you can count on Benchmark Electrical Solutions.


Entrusting someone with something as important as electrical work isn’t easy. When you’re looking for someone who can do electrical contracting for your industrial, commercial, or oil and gas project, you want to make sure you have the best possible person for the job. After all, the consequences of a job that wasn’t performed to industry standards could be devastating and long-lasting.

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If you’re building a business from the ground up, you know just how much work goes into it from initially breaking ground to finally cutting the ribbon. You have a team of people helping you the whole way, but electricians may have felt like the last thing on your list.


Welcome to the blog for Benchmark Electrical Solutions. We pride ourselves in being a company that provides expert electrical services, contracting, and construction planning and management to a variety of states and regions. Part of providing our expert service comes through keeping our clients knowledgeable on our company as well as keeping you informed on the world of electrical and construction contracting. Our blog will be a place to do precisely this.

To kick things off, we want to take a look at what Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers, as well as what sets us apart from the competition. As a company, we approach what we do by following four pillars. We strive to be:

  • Customer-centric
  • Focused on smart growth
  • Operational Excellence
  • The best place to grow

Let’s take a look at how these four pillars play out for us as a company.