Highlighting Our Residential Electricians In Northern Colorado

Residential electricians do an important job for homeowners by bringing them electricity in a safe manner that powers their computers, cell phones, refrigerator, dish washer, hair dryer, TV, and so much more that offers them an easy life compared to 100 years ago. Most of us take for granted the fact that all we have to do is flip a switch and the lights come on, or that we’ll have cold water on a hot summer day from the fridge. Residential electricians continue to help us with our electrical needs, from troubleshooting to electrical repair so that we can continue to enjoy electricity.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions has been serving Northern Colorado for years with the best commercial, industrial, and electrical services. We help various industries, such as the oil and gas industry, as well as new construction home builders with the power they need. Below, we’ll go over some of our most common residential electrical services. Contact us to get started today!


House Electrical Wiring

House electrical wiring covers a lot of services, but broadly, house wiring entails distributing the electricity that comes into your home that will be used by the homeowner, using the electrical outlets, switches, breakers, and circuits. House electrical wiring should always be done by a professional who has been trained in the fundamentals of electricity and in electrical work. As you know, injury can occur when dealing with electricity that can lead to shock, injury, or even death. Some of our most popular house wiring services include:

  • Computer network cabling
  • Dimmer light installation
  • Security camera installation
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Cable TV jack installation
  • Motion control sensors
  • Landscape lighting
  • Electrical panel replacement or installation
  • Entrance and monument lighting
  • And so much more!

New Construction Electrical Installation

Living in Northern Colorado, it can seem like a new subdivision crops up every time you leave the house. With new construction hopping along, our residential electricians spend a lot of time working on new construction electrical installations. This entails a lot of pre-planning for the installation of your electrical work to ensure no circuits are overloaded, the outlets are in the right place with the right number on a breaker, and the wiring is concealed behind walls. Each new home can vary on residential electrical services needed, such as solar panel installation, home automation, computer networking, media systems, and the normal electrical wiring. Benchmark Electrical Solutions in Northern Colorado can handle it all.


Residential Electrical Repair And Maintenance

We often field calls that can involve heavy electrical troubleshooting. For example, your outlet may not be working, your breaker keeps tripping, or your lights are intermittently flashing — all of which are great items to call your local residential electrician for. Benchmark’s local and licensed home electricians will diagnose your electrical problem and offer up a solution quickly and efficiently.


Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers the best residential electrical services in Northern Colorado. Call our licensed electricians today!