Solving Your Transmission & Distribution Needs

One of the appeals of camping is the fact that you get to escape the screens of this world. You can escape TV, internet, and even your cell phone if you want. You can just spend time communing with nature, enjoying the sounds of the birds and of the streams, fending off camp critters, such as chipmunks and blue jays, and breathing in fresh, mountain air. When you go camping, you are also escaping electricity, which powers so many things in your world that you deem indispensable, such as our electronics, lighting, air conditioning, and so much more. It gives you a tiny glimpse of what life was like before electricity.

However, when you return home from camping, you love to jump in the shower with instant hot water heated by electricity, turn on your TV for the latest Netflix show, wash your clothes in your washing machine that uses electricity, and turn off your light for bed with just a flick of a switch. Having been without electricity for a short amount of time, it’s nice to get back to it.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions headquartered in Northern Colorado is the best commercial electrical contractor. We offer transmission and distribution services to power your business. Below, we’ll take a look at just some of the electrical services we offer, including electrical project management. Contact us today to get started!


What Is Transmission And Distribution?

When speaking of electricity, transmission and distribution refers to bringing electricity to your home or office building. This usually entails power poles and powerlines, as well as generators. The electrical lines are either overhead or in the ground. Transmission and distribution are collectively referred to as “the grid.” Hence, living off the grid means living without electricity.

Transmission of electricity is where electricity moves from the point where it has been generated to substations that are closer to where it will be used. Transmission lines are the bigger towers that carry multiple lines across territories. These lines carry extremely high levels of power that cannot be delivered to your home or office because of their power. The high voltage minimizes the energy that is lost as it travels along the lines. Transformers then reduce the voltage and use distribution lines to send the electricity directly to your home or business.

The distribution of electricity is thus the delivery of the electricity to you for use to power everything that needs power to run. It’s normally 110 volts. Electricity needs to be used at about the same rate it is generated. This is where a sophisticated control system comes into play. However, if the demand for electricity exceeds the supply, the transmission of electricity is shut down in order to prevent damage to the system. This is when a blackout occurs.



Benchmark Electrical Solutions offer help installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical transmission and distribution lines, substations (where the electricity can be briefly held, converted, and then distributed), and overhead and underground line installation. We also offer emergency electrical repair and modifications, as well as testing and substation construction services as part of our commercial project management services.

Some of our more frequent electrical solutions involve the installation of underground conduits (the lines to bring you electricity), branch power conduit and conductors (smaller distribution areas), electrical panel and fixture installations, fire alarms, and tele data installation. We also install LED lighting, which is cost-saving and environmentally-friendly. We also install duct banks, MCC’s, generators, power wiring and distribution. When you need transmission and distribution electrical needs, call us today. We’d be more than happy to help!