A Complete Guide to the 3 Oil and Gas Electrical Work Services Benchmark Offers

A Complete Guide to the 3 Oil and Gas Electrical Work Services Benchmark Offers

Benchmark Electrical Solutions is a full-service electrical contractor, providing oil and gas electrical services to industrial and commercial businesses in Northern Colorado. We offer oil and gas project management, instrumentation and control services, and automation services. Our team of experienced electricians is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service, ensuring that your electrical needs are met on time and within budget. Here's a rundown of the quality services we offer to our clients in Colorado:


Oil and Gas Electrical Project Management

When you have oil and gas electrical project management needs, Benchmark Electrical Solutions is here to help. Our oil and gas electricians are experienced in working with electrical projects of all sizes. We can provide everything from pre-construction planning to installation, service maintenance agreements, equipment installation, site lighting solutions, custom controls, and more.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions is committed to offering value for its customers through exceptional service, dedication, and happiness. We've discovered that the success of an oil and gas project is fueled by everyone's commitment to the endeavor. We have a construction management staff that is working hard to achieve success. We can meet you on-site as well as in any weather, and we have the finest equipment available. We do electrical work in all classifications of trade. There's no task we can't handle, whether it's a residential, industrial, or commercial property.

Our Electrical Services for the Oil and Gas Market Include:

  • Well Pad Electrification

  • Crude Oil Terminals

  • Compressor Stations

  • Pump Stations

  • Utility and Easement Coordination

  • Motor Controls including VFD and Soft Start – Troubleshooting

  • Intrinsically Safe Installations

  • Cable Tray

  • Panels / Switchgear

  • Lighting

  • Duct Banks

  • Lightning Protection and Grounding

  • Commissioning

  • Heat Trace

  • Solar Panel Power


Instrumentation and Control Electrical Devices

Benchmark Electrical Solutions is a highly experienced oil and gas electrical contractor that provides instrumentation and control services to our clients in Northern Colorado. We understand the importance of using the right tools for your company's needs, which is why we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality electrical products for their operations. Whether you need flow meters, temperature indicators, pressure transmitters, field inspections, or even simply advanced troubleshooting, our team can handle it!

Instrumentation and Controls Services Include:

  • Flow Meters (Mass, Annubar, etc.)

  • Temperature Indicators, Transmitters

  • Pressure Indicators, Transmitters

  • Valves, Actuators, & Positioners

  • Solenoid Valves

  • Analyzers

  • Level Indicators, Transmitters

  • Instrument Air Tubing

  • Field Inspection, Check Out and Start-Up

  • Training

  • Troubleshooting

  • Loop Checks – Hart Communicator

  • Calibrating Instruments with NIST Certified and Traceable Equipment


Automation Electrical Services

Automation Services Include:

  • Panel Design and Fabrication

  • Remote I/O Cabinet Install

  • PLC Installation, Programming, and Troubleshooting

  • Programming and Troubleshooting (Utilizing Rockwell RS Logix 5000)

  • SCADA Installation, Programming, and Troubleshooting

  • HMI Development (RSView ME, SE, Wonderware, Iconics, Red Lion)

  • Modbus and DNP3.O Protocol

Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers the best oil and gas electrical services throughout Northern Colorado and beyond. Our team is committed and dedicated to our customers' success. We provide a comprehensive range of services to suit your demands. We understand that you might need more than the standard industrial electrical service from time to time. Benchmark provides advanced electrical maintenance, repair, and prevention with safety constantly in mind. Our objective is to add value to our clients' companies, no matter what their requirements, size, or complexity happen to be. Give us a call, and we'll make it happen!