Safety Basics: Safety Committees & Electrical Contracting

As an employer, you want to know that everyone in your influence is safe and protected while at work. You do all you can to ensure their health and happiness. Within electrical contracting, we’re no different! We want the same for our employees. The difference, however, is apparent when you look at the high-stakes situations our employees find themselves in daily.

Because of this, we have to go the extra mile to ensure our employees are taken care of. Our highest priorities are making sure our clients are happy with their electrical projects and that our employees safely return to their loved ones every night.

As part of our safety basics series, we’re highlighting what sets Benchmark Electrical Solutions apart in terms of health and safety. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss our safety committees and how they influence the electrical contracting that you, as the client, need. For help with electrical contracting in Northern Colorado, you can count on us. Keep reading to learn more about our ongoing safety committees, and then contact us today to get started.

Monthly Safety Committee

Here at Benchmark Electrical Solutions, we like to say that we’re powered by safety. In fact, we don’t think of safety as simply a priority; we think of it as our culture. Here’s how our monthly safety committees play into this:

Feedback From the Field

With our electrical project management, we’re continually striving for success and improvement. This isn’t possible without the crucial feedback we receive from the field. During our monthly safety committees, we go through this feedback and analyze how we can make effective changes in order to make our commercial and industrial electrical projects safer.

Observation Reports

On every job site, observation reports are completed regularly. During monthly safety committees, we review these reports in order to find trends and see where we can improve as a company. This in-depth analysis of recent observation reports allows us to make changes where necessary quickly rather than months after the fact.

Planned Training

Our monthly safety committees also consist of training our electricians. This can address both company and industry trends, along with training for team-building, equipment management, fall protection, and more. This planned training is an integral part of continuing education and ensuring the client’s expectations for electrical contracting are met.


Site-Specific Safety Committee

For electrical contracting on commercial, industrial, government, and gas and oil projects, we also like to have safety committees to address problems and safety concerns as they arise. Here’s what our site-specific safety committees do:

Safety Discussions

By having regular safety discussions at your industrial or commercial electrical project, our employees are able to discuss safety in a personalized way. It’s one thing to have safety discussions in an office building; it’s quite another to have these discussions on-site where employees can see the different dangers specific sites pose.

Real-Time Problem Solving

This, of course, allows for problem-solving in real-time. By having site-specific safety committees, employees are encouraged to address safety concerns on-site as soon as they happen. This leads to problem-solving in an immediate, effective way — therefore increasing safety for everyone involved.

Electrical Contracting in Northern Colorado

Whether you’re looking for electrical contracting for renewable energy, commercial electrical projects, industrial electrical projects, or your upcoming oil and gas project, Benchmark Electrical Solutions is for you. We make sure that all of our electricians are qualified experts who are up to the task. Then, we reinforce a culture of safety in everything we do so that our electricians feel confident giving you their best work.

Electrical contracting is an integral part of keeping businesses running and keeping your employees safe. By providing outlets such as monthly safety committees and site-specific safety committees for our employees, we can ensure that you always receive the Benchmark standard of excellence. Learn more about our safety culture and check out the other blogs in our safety series:

No matter the electrical project you have on your hands, Benchmark Electrical Solutions can help — and we’ll make sure it’s safe for everyone involved. Contact us today for electrical contracting in Northern Colorado.