Solving Your Commercial Construction Planning, Management & Electrical Needs

If you are in business for any length of time, chances are, you will outgrow your current space. Besides deciding on a location, the next big decision will be the design and building process. So where do you turn?

Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers commercial construction planning, management, and electrical services all around the nation. From designing your building to constructing it and wiring it, we’ve got all of your construction management needs covered. Below, we’ll take a look at how we can help you solve your commercial construction, planning, management, and electrical needs. Contact us today!




Planning Phase

There are many ways to break up the components of the planning phase; however, what matters most is that you do in fact pre-plan. One of the first things you’ll need to do when deciding on a commercial building is decide what exactly you need and what you want. You’ll need to make a distinction between the two unless your budget is unlimited. For example, you may need a building that is at least 12,000 square feet, but you want a building that is 20,000 square feet. Your needs will define the minimum cost of the construction project. Then, you can add on from there.

Furthermore, other decisions about your commercial building should be made in this phase. For example, do you want to use green materials? Are you looking to be energy-efficient? Are there any special design elements you want incorporated into your building?


Pick A Top-Notch Commercial Project Management Team

After you have a good image in your mind of what you want, it’s time to find someone who can bring that vision to fruition. This will be your most important choice as the business owner. A commercial construction planner will make all of the decisions regarding the actual building process, from which contractors to use to the work schedule, materials employed, and equipment used. Every decision matters when you have a big project, so you not only want someone who is prudent, but also someone who understands your wants and can translate them into reality.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers the best commercial project management team, including electrical contracting. We can handle your project, whether it’s new construction or a remodeling project. We understand the importance of the design and planning phase, and we make sure everything is ready before we begin. Once we’ve begun, we work diligently to complete your commercial project on time and on budget. Our commercial project management team has decades of experience to leverage to ensure your commercial building is everything you’ve imagined. Contact us to get started today!


Design Phase

Partnering with someone who can design your commercial building is crucial. Oftentimes, the design team is the same as the commercial project management team (such as Benchmark Electrical Solutions). This is great because it eliminates the communication between the design and the construction team. Choosing a commercial construction planning, management, and electrical team that can do it all not only saves you money, but saves you time and potential errors that communication takes.

In the design phase, the commercial project management team will design and approve the building’s plans. Next, construction bids will be solicited (if your chosen commercial project management team does not do this for you) so a preliminary budget can be ascertained. A feasibility study will be drawn up if you are building a new construction building. This plans for access to the site, utility connections, the orientation of the building, and if the building will fit on the plot. Schematic designs will be drawn up, which will help with the feasibility study, to show the materials, colors, sizes, shapes, and textures of your building. Equipment needed will be researched and the final working drawings will be finalized. The timeframe of the commercial build will be given as well as the cost of each construction phase. These documents are crucial in order to ensure the commercial building project does not go over budget.


Pre-Construction Phase

In the pre-construction phase, everything is prepared for the actual construction of the commercial building. Construction materials costs are finalized and sent to the appropriate contractors. Quotes are gathered for more construction needs. Building permits are obtained and insurance requirements are procured. Here, the commercial project management team hits high gear, ready to begin. Roles will be assigned, such as the head of project management, superintendent, and field engineer. The construction materials are coordinated and obtained, and the construction phase begins!

Benchmark Electrical Solutions makes this entire process seamless with our commercial construction planning, management, and electrical expertise. We don’t work with many subcontractors because we can handle most of the design and construction phases of your commercial building. Our commercial project management team has decades of experience bringing buildings to fruition. Call us today to get started!



The construction phase is the most exciting phase to be in not only for the business owner, but also for the commercial project managers. You can see progress being made every day as you build something from nothing, and when everything is going smoothly, it’s truly a wonderful sight. Of course, all the steps in construction are taking sequentially, from any site excavation required to the installation of underground utilities, plumbing, and electrical work. Concrete is poured for the foundation, steel and framing are erected, roofing is completed, and then interior and exterior work begins. Each of these steps is overseen by your commercial project management team who also ensures safety on the job site and oversees quality control. While staying on time and on budget is a priority, it’s not when it comes to keeping employees and staff safe and ensuring the quality of work performed is exceptional.

Another benefit of having an all-inclusive commercial construction planning, management, and electrical team is that you can rest assured that the workers are top-notch since it’s all one team doing the work for you. It’s easier to maintain quality control and to ensure safety protocols are followed at all times. Benchmark Electrical Solutions is committed to creating safe work environments for our employees and everyone on our job sites. It’s part of our culture, and we take pride in our on-going safety training and our adherence to OSHA rules and regulations. We foster an environment of everyone looking out for each other, and we work hard to educate our employees on safety protocols. We provide personal protective equipment relative to the job at hand and encourage our employees to speak up should they have a safety concern. We are proud of our safety record as we continue to improve.



Now that the commercial building is done, it’s just a matter of tying up loose ends. Cleanup is, of course, imperative. Landscaping, if desired, will be scheduled. And, of course, the final walk-thru of the building is scheduled in order to see if everything is completed and no little details are forgotten. Once all of the touch-ups are finished, usually the architect will issue a certificate of completion, any finishing building inspections will be completed, and the commercial building is finished.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions believes in leaving as little impact on the environment as possible with offering sustainable and responsible practices. From using environmentally-friendly building materials to installing high-efficiency appliances and windows, we love to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint on the earth.



While Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers comprehensive commercial electrical contracting services, we also offer comprehensive commercial project management as well throughout the planning and design phases of commercial construction. We have a plethora of experience in various industries, from helping churches with their underground conduits and panel installations to building new construction of rental equipment stores all over the United States. Our commercial project management team has decades of experience in offering high-quality project management in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. Based in Northern Colorado, we travel all across the United States in order to help you complete the commercial projects of your dreams.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions is a Top Rated Local® Electrical Contractor that helps many industries, from oil and gas to government entities, with all their commercial project management needs. We put our employees and our customers first since we need both in order to continue to help you make this world a better place. Contact us today to get started!