Why Start a Career With Benchmark?

You’ve made a name for yourself in your field, and you’re ready for the next step. But what’s the next step look like? We’d like to think your next step involves working for a company that values your well-being, safety, and quality of life in a difficult career field. We’d like to think your next step is working with us.


Here at Benchmark Electrical Solutions, our construction management team is one of a kind. We work with only the best of the best electricians in order to provide clients with the best possible work. We’re looking for individuals who are motivated, committed to continually learning, and never shy away from a challenge. Are you who we’re looking for? When it comes to construction management, we need dependable, experienced, and qualified electricians who know how to get the job done and bend over backward for the client — all while prioritizing their own safety and happiness.

If this sounds like a role you’d be interested in, then check out our career opportunities or contact us today. Today’s blog will outline five reasons you’ll want to get started with our construction management team. Talk to you soon!

We Prioritize Quality, Health and Safety, and the Environment

When we say quality, health and safety, and the environment are important to us, we mean it. And we don’t just mean as a sign we put up on our walls and claim to believe! We institute policies and programs that make these characteristics truly a part of the fabric of our company. Electrical project management is a big job with a lot of moving pieces; by focusing on these characteristics, we’re able to make sure both our employees and our clients are taken care of.

  • Quality: Tired of project management or electrical contracting where you didn’t feel you had the time or resources to give your clients the absolute best? Benchmark Electrical Solutions is for you. We’re committed to always supplying the best services and focusing on improvement in everything we do.
  • Health and Safety: Life on a construction management team can be full of risks and dangers. We have completely adopted health and safety as the predominant culture within Benchmark Electrical Solutions so that you never need to feel threatened. We’ve done this by embracing and incorporating both industry requirements and best practices. Read more about our safety culture here.
  • Environment: Finally, we care about the environment and see the large effect our construction management team can play. Because of this, Benchmark Electrical Solutions always manages operations in a way that identifies and then mitigates environmental harm. We consistently reduce our environmental impact by choosing to follow sustainable and responsible practices.

We Take Pride in Our Work

With such a focus on quality, it’s no question as to why we take such pride in our work. Because we value the trade and people who are ambassadors of their craft, this pride carries over to our work as well. Our construction management team builds the most complex industrial and commercial electrical projects across the U.S. — what’s not to be proud of?

With such a broad range of electrical work, our electricians get the opportunity to work on countless interesting assignments throughout their careers. Furthermore, these projects matter. The electrical project management that takes place at Benchmark Electrical Solutions influences and affects people everywhere. Just think about some of these projects we’ve worked on and how they make a positive difference in their communities:

  • Oil and gas project management
  • Greenhouses
  • Food and beverage plants
  • Renewable energy facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Office and retail buildings
  • Power lines and substations

These projects, and many others, are integral parts of communities and people’s lives. By working on such important projects as these, we’re able to take pride in our work in a way that not many people can. You’re not just clocking in for work — you’re making a difference in people’s lives and delivering a quality project time after time.

We Practice Smart Growth

We’re not looking to build an electrical project management team overnight — unless the people are right! We believe in smart growth that will keep our company thriving for years to come and help you feel confident and stable in your job. We’re looking for the best of the best, and we won’t settle for anything less.

By continually focusing on smart growth, you can rest assured that your construction management team has your back, literally and figuratively. We value people who take the initiative to be the best, and we’ll work with you and always have a place for you if that’s your mindset. Simply put, we’re not interested in rapid, unsustainable growth if we’re not taking care of our employees and our clients. If we’re growing as a construction management team, it’s because we’re doing it in a smart, sustainable way.

We Are Customer-Centric

We have a reputation for execution excellence and we plan to keep it that way. We care deeply about our customers and are focused on providing the best electrical contracting for them that we possibly can. This comes down, of course, to choosing the right employees for our construction management team and being creative, authentic, and dedicated in all of our electrical projects, be they industrial, commercial, or oil and gas related.

Our construction planning and management is unparalleled in the industry. If you’re interested in working for a construction management team that truly cares about their clients and offers quality, reliable deliverables, then Benchmark Electrical Solutions is for you. Through work ethic, innovation, collaboration, and precision, we make sure our clients are more than satisfied when we’re done with our job. This is something that truly sets us apart in the electrical contracting industry, and we couldn’t do it without the level of dedication and commitment that our employees bring to the worksite.

We Value Our Employees

We aim to be the best place to work, and we accomplish this by focusing on our employees. A construction management team is only as strong as its, well, team members are. Because of our culture and our emphasis on employee happiness and well-being, we attract the best — and that could be you.

In order to show just how much we value our employees, we do everything else listed in this blog: prioritize quality, health and safety, and the environment; take pride in our work; practice smart growth; and focus on the client. We know this is what makes us stand out as a construction management team and it’s how we continue to be the best place to work within construction management.

We have offices in Northern Colorado and West Texas, but we provide electrical contracting services to multiple areas across the country. With this diverse service area, we’re sure to have a role for you as an employee on our construction management team.

Get Started With a Construction Management Team Today

What are you waiting for? When it comes to an electrical project management company you can count on — and one that you feel confident dedicating your time, energy, and talents to — you’ve found it in Benchmark Electrical Solutions.

As a qualified and experienced electrician, we know you have lots of options for how and where you want to work. We’re confident, however, that our construction management team is where you’ll be able to grow the most, expand your skills, and be the happiest. We’ll prioritize your health and happiness when you become an employee of Benchmark Electrical Solutions, and you’ll make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals by using your skills, talent, and qualifications on our construction management team. Check out our opportunities today or contact us to discuss your future with Benchmark Electrical Solutions.