What Does an Industrial Electrical Contractor Do?

In the 21st century, there are thousands of careers you can choose from, such as being a doctor or lawyer or an engineer or a builder. Choosing to work with a substance that can kill you is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. However, the industrial and commercial electrical contractors at Benchmark Electrical Solutions do that everyday of their lives.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers many services, from commercial project planning and management to industrial electrical contracting. When we mention to people what we do, we often get a puzzled look and more questions. Thus, in this blog post, we thought we’d answer that question for you! Below, we’ll explain what an industrial electrical contractor does. Contact us today to get started!



You can think of an industrial electrical contractor as an electrician on a grander scale. Many electricians simply install, maintain, and service electrical wiring for small-scale homes and businesses. An industrial electrical contractor designs, installs, and maintains electrical systems on a bigger scale. In addition, besides ensuring that your commercial business or industrial warehouse operates smoothly with electricity when you need it, the job of an industrial electrical contractor is to ensure these electrical systems work effectively, efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally-friendly way. Every new building or building renovation that will require electricity will require an industrial or commercial electrical contractor.


Jobs And Duties Of An Industrial Electrical Contractor:

  • Planning and Design — an industrial electrical contractor will conduct a thorough analysis of the building or proposed building, assess its electrical needs, and design a plan to implement those electrical needs
  • Manages the Project — an industrial or commercial electrical contractor will ensure the electrical design is carried out and all work is being done in a timely and efficient fashion
  • Finish the Project — an industrial electrical contractor finishes up the project and performs quality checks to ensure everything is in good working order and is up to code and safety standards

One of the main jobs of an industrial electrical contractor is to ensure that electricians with the correct skills are employed for the specific duties. In general, there are three types of work that commercial electricians can perform.

  1. Line Electrical Contractors — like the name implies, this type of contract work has to do with high-voltage transmission lines and lower-voltage distribution lines. Work can include constructing substations and bringing these lines to the industrial buildings.
  2. Inside Electrical Contractors — the inside does not necessarily mean inside the building, although this can be part of the work. The inside refers to inside the property line that the industrial electrician is working on. This can be outdoor lighting, substations, and the electrical design, installation, and maintenance for commercial, institutional, and residential buildings, as well cabling, rewiring, repair, and maintenance of said buildings.
  3. Voice/Data/Video Electrical Contractors — this type of industrial and commercial electrician works with low-voltage systems that are for use mainly inside buildings. These can include, power controls, fiber optics, security systems, electrical control panels, and wireless networks. Another name for these industrial electricians is integrated building system electricians.


In an era where having electricity is critical and having electrical problems can be extremely costly, Benchmark Electrical Solutions based in Northern Colorado offers your industrial business the best in industrial electrical contracting. From planning and design to managing your commercial electrical project, we’ve got all of your needs covered. Our expert industrial and commercial electricians have decades of experience in serving the needs of our customers, as well as in keeping everyone safe. We take pride in our safety record and in our high client satisfaction rating. Our mission is to help make your industrial electrical project as smooth as possible to the point you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll handle everything for you, including any hiccups that might arise.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions offers a wide variety of industrial construction planning and management services. Our experience is extensive and includes working with many industries, including oil and gas projects, food and beverage plants, greenhouses, pharmaceutical facilities, synthetic gas plants, gasification skids, medical facilities, clean rooms, and semiconductor plants. Reach out to our team today to learn more.